July 9, 2012

National Sugar Cookie Day

"We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink..." - Epicurus

It's National Sugar Cookie Day!

Do we really need to celebrate the most boring cookie in the world?

The only time sugar cookies are good is when they have an inch-thick layer of artificially - usually neon - colored frosting topped with sprinkles. Even better when they're "flavored," like the lemon ones (those are panty dropping good; I don't care how processed they are).

I can't even believe people care this much about a cookie that has no "umph" to it. No chocolate, no nuts, no fun. I understand that in the mid-eighteenth century German settlers of the Nazareth, Pennsylvania area perfected the cookie, but... where's the excitement?

Anyway, today I wish upon you a bathtub of frosting or a small lake of jam so you have something to dredge these most unimpressive cookies with.

Happy National Sugar Cookie Day!