August 18, 2012

National Ice Cream Pie Day

"Everyone likes pie. But people like pie a la mode even better. In the pie of life, arts is the ice cream." - Peter Krause

It's National Ice Cream Pie Day!

Sponsored by: Coconut Bliss

I was under some bizarre impression that ice cream pie was ridiculously difficult to construct. In my mind, it was a lengthy process with lots of layers and ingredients and melting and stickiness and frustration.

And then I realized I could just toss some ice cream into a pre-made pie shell and call it good.

So that's what I did.

And, y'know what? It came out AWESOME. I'm glad simplicity can taste so darn good.

It doesn't hurt that I got to use Coconut Bliss' "Ginger Cookie Caramel" vegan ice cream. I've been eyeing it forever at my local organic grocers, but was hesitant about trying it because my relationship with ginger over the years has been fickle. When I was sixteen, the coolest girl I knew (she was a very pretty hippie) used to snack on crystalized ginger. I so wanted to be like her, so when she asked me if I wanted to try them I jumped on the opportunity only to find it was pungent tasting and tough to chew. Fast forward many years, and it's become one of my favorite ingredients to cook with. I love the way it, with onions and garlic, smell during the saute process. Yum!

I was glad... like really glad... like "life changing" glad... that I tried the Ginger Cookie Caramel. It was such a beautifully flavored ice cream. With soft chunks of ginger cookie that were both cinnamony and sharp and rich caramel swirls, I couldn't be more impressed with the balance of tastes. I always think it's impressive when you can actually identify each ingredient within an ice cream. It's a dessert whose temperature can often times overwhelm everything else about it's (potential) deliciousness. Not so with the line of Coconut Bliss flavors.

According to their website, Coconut Bliss "is dedicated to creating unique and exquisitely delicious desserts, consciously prepared from the most nutritious and wholesome organic ingredients available, and bringing them to market in ways that express our reverence for both people and the planet. We are located in Eugene, Oregon (the home of many wonderful natural food companies), where we make Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss with care and love."

Happy National Ice Cream Pie Day!

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