August 20, 2012

National Lemonade Day

"We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons." - Alfred E. Neuman

It's National Lemonade Day!

Celebrating lemonade in the United States just makes sense, right? It's as American as apple pie and baseball! Every summer, kids all over the country learn entrepreneurship skills by continuing the deep-rooted custom of starting lemonade stands in their neighborhoods!

Oh, wait. Nope. Sorry, that last example was wrong. It's actually now illegal in parts of the United States to start a lemonade stand. Unless you pay for a permit. Did I mention those can can sometimes cost a couple hundred bucks? Sometimes, it even take over a month just receive permission from your local DHHS. And, for some states, taking a food protection course is required, too.

Now you're all the wiser, fellow Statesians.

Since I wasn't able to buy lemonade on the streets this year (though, a couple days prior to today's food holiday, when I was out for a r run around my neighborhood there actually were kids selling lemonade... I totally wanted to stop and high-five them all for saying "shove it" to The Man!), I went out for pizza and a glass of the ice cold stuff. Happy sipping!

Happy National Lemonade Day!