August 7, 2012

National Raspberries and Cream Day

"It is not well for a man to pray cream and live skim milk." - Henry Ward Beecher

It's National Raspberries and Cream Day!

"I wondered when you'd be over!" said Leo, my elderly, very French, next door neighbor. I'm a little in love with him, because he reminds me of my own grandfather. He has kindness radiating from every pore and I can get him to laugh right from the depths of his soul. I walked across his yard to where he was sitting comfortably in a lawn chair playing with their kitten, Minou. "Can I have some blackberries?" I asked, pretending to beg with my empty bowl held out desperately in front of me.

"Of course! They're all yours! Do you know where they are? Of course you know where they are! Let me show you where they are," he pushed himself out of his chair and slowly... very slowly... walked me to the back edge of their property where the black raspberries vines were growing. "Oh my God, just look at them all! You can have as many as you want!"

They were so plentiful and ripe, the raspberries nearly jumped right into my bowl without much effort on my part. I tossed one into my mouth and was delighted to find that they were sweet this year, not at all tart. "You like the black raspberries, hunh?" He asked.

"I do. You grow some of the best," I alternated between picking and eating. "And berries are good for you - filled with antioxidants and all sorts of healthy things. Just look at you! You're the strongest fella on the block!"

He put his hand to his chest and wheezed with laughter. "I don't who you've been talking to, but I think they got it wrong!"

After just a few minutes, my bowl was already full. "That's it?" he asked me playfully.

"For today," I smiled.

It's (the really small) moments like these that make this ridiculous project all worth it.

Happy National Raspberries and Cream Day!