August 30, 2012

National Toasted Marshmallow Day

"I had a dream last night, I was eating a ten pound marshmallow. I woke up this morning and the pillow was gone." - Tommy Cooper

It's National Toasted Marshmallow Day!

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I have three comments to make about National Toasted Marshmallow Day...
1. My day would have been exponentially better if this had happened...

2. I got a new mobile carrier, type, and number today. And the young man who helped me out restored my faith in cellular telephones. He asked me what today's national food holiday was. When I told him, he smiled really big and said, "I'm actually one of the world's best marshmallow toasters. You know the trick? You build a fire... I like to do mine in a log cabin fashion. And you let it burn down real low. Then patiently... very patiently... you get that marshmallow golden. Golden is the key. It gets the very center gooey and makes the best s'mores ever." I told him I was going to share this tip with the world, so here's to you James Palmer.

3. I brought a bag of Chicago Vegan Foods "Dandies" into work today for people to try. A non-veg-type tried them and he couldn't stop raving about them afterwards. He made a cup of hot cocoa (yes, it's almost ninety degrees outside, but our AC gets cold enough for hoodies and hot drinks) to see if they passed the ultimate marshmallow test. Apparently, they tasted like marshmallows, buoyantly floated like marshmallows, and melted like them, too. "Ohyeahitwasgood," he said in one breath, hand on his happy tummy, when I asked him if he liked them or not.

I feel like when a non-vegan gives the nod of a approval to a vegan product it's like an instant endorsement. Not that Dandies needed them. Among other awards, Chicago Vegan Foods won the "Best New Product" at the Natural Products Expo West and the VegNews Magazine "Best of Show" in 2009 for them. The light, fluffy, gluten-free vegan marshmallows are made with zero animal-products. And to be honest, they're probably the best tasting marshmallow I've ever had vegan or not. Dandies are flavorful, but not cloying sweet, and they don't leave any sort of weird lingering aftertaste or film on your tongue. I was actually really impressed with how they seemed to clean my palate.

Mega, mega noms.

Happy National Toasted Marshmallow Day!

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