August 17, 2012

National Vanilla Custard Day

"Custard:  A detestable substance produced by a malevolent conspiracy of the hen, the cow, and the cook." - Ambrose Bierce

It's National Vanilla Custard Day!

Technically speaking, and according to my very particular ancestors - the French - custards must be thickened by egg. This is how it differs from similar products.

Vanilla custard has a long history. It's been around since the Middle Ages and was traditionally used in pies and tarts. When you think about how it's used today, you'll notice that tried and true idea hasn't changed much - it's found in trifles, Boston cream pies, eclairs, donuts, etc.

I could eat my weight in any of the aforementioned food stuffs, but today is for purists... so grab a spoon, grab some vanilla custard, and indulge!

Happy National Vanilla Custard Day!