August 24, 2012

National Waffle Day

“Even for the most excitable preacher, there was nothing inherently sinful about a waffle.” - Simon Schama

It's National Waffle Day!

Sponsored byVan's Natural Foods

I don't know how to make waffles from scratch. But I'm okay with that, because a) I'm a little lazy these days, and b) today I got to celebrate with Van's Natural Foods. They're a company that cares about what its customers eat. "We value artisanal quality, cooking our products in small, minimally processed batches with always-fresh ingredients. And, since we want everyone to be able to enjoy our waffles, we offer wheat/gluten free waffles along with organic, mini and our signature 8 Whole Grain varieties," states their website.

Personally, I think Sunday mornings in the summer were meant for recovering... from your night out the evening before, from a weekend of running errands, from a week of hard work, from the heat, you name it! This morning, after waking up around noon, I stumbled into the kitchen and in about ten minutes had created a glorious breakfast thanks to Van's and some random leftover fruit I found in the back of my fridge.

I was convinced to toast up the entire box of the Van's Apple Cinnamon Waffles I had. And I'm really glad I did, because they were delicious (and gluten, wheat, dairy, and egg free!). They smelled intoxicating and grilled up really nice on the George Foreman - little crunch on the outside, warm and soft on the inside. Noms.

Happy National Waffle Day!

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