August 8, 2012

National Zucchini Day

"Zucchinis terrific! Like bunnies, prolific!" - Author Unknown

It's National Zucchini Day!

I had every intention of celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day today. I think everyone was expecting I would! But, after visiting my farm share this week and seeing the bounty of beautiful zucchini's the farmer had grown, I knew that the only way to do justice to August 8th would be to celebrate with the colorful courgettes.

Did you know the zucchini is not a vegetable? It's actually a fruit. It's also a food that's eaten all over the world. For example, in France, it's one of the main ingredients in ratatouille; in Turkey they make zucchini pancakes; and in Mexico the flour of the plant (flor de calabaza) is often used in soups and quesadillas.

And now you're all the wiser, foodies.

When I attempted to make jalapeno poppers a few months back, I realized how easy it was to create that deep-fried crunchy coating without actually having to deep fry anything. I've been waiting since then for zucchinis and eggplants to be in season so I could try it with them. So that's how I celebrated today! And it was absolutely delicious, reassuring me that not celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day was the right choice!

Happy National Zucchini Day!