September 1, 2012

National Gyros Day

"Knowledge is the food of the soul." - Plato

It's National Gyros Day!
(Please note: I don't know if this is actually a "real" food holiday, but I'm celebrating it anyway!)

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I don't think I've ever had a gyro before, though I've eyed them plenty of times at every fair and festival I've ever been to!

Gyros are derived from the Turkish döner kebabs or Middle Eastern shawarma. Traditionally, meat is sliced off a vertical spit into pita. Those are the only two ingredients that needed to make a gyro a gyro. All the other accouterments are just that... little extra sides of flavorful love!

I wasn't really sure how to celebrate today, but I knew that ecoVegan was going to be a part of it taking a huge stress off my shoulders about what I was doing to do for a "meat." They're a vegan owned and run company, and the folks who work there are both compassionate and environmentally driven. To rock a holiday that usually celebrates the slaughtering of meat, sticking it on a cone, and chiseling off pieces for people to eat with a company like ecoVegan? Way cooler.

According to the ecoVegan website, they "make natural vegan food products that are made with non‐genetically modified soy beans and other plant‐based ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives to ensure the healthiness of your body, soul, and our beautiful planet. All our products are low in fat, cholesterol‐free, rich in protein, and certified by Vegan Action."

Like I said: way cooler to spend today's food holiday like this.

Happy National Gyros Day!

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