September 9, 2012

National I Love Food Day

"There is no more sincere love, than the love of food." - George Bernard Shaw

It's National I Love Food Day!

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That's how my love affair with Vegenaise started.
When I first started researching the vegan diet/lifestyle I would spend hours and hours on the vegan discussion forums of Craigslist. I figured it would be an excellent way for me to learn from people who were passionate about the subject the difficulties they faced with it, debates over what was and wasn't acceptable to do and eat as a vegan, hot topics, easy recipes, restaurants that were veg-friendly, and must-have products that people swore by.

A frequent thread in the forum was on "Vegenaise". I had never heard of this before, and was intrigued that so many people with plant-based diets RAVED about this mayo alternative. It seemed people didn't just love the stuff... they were madly IN love with it. "Are you a blue cap? I'm a blue cap!" One person wrote enthusiastically. "Definitely not; I'm purple cap all day long!" responded another. "Have you guys tried green cap? What're your thoughts?" Another person asked. I was so confused. Come to find out, they were referring to the kind: Vegenaise with a blue lid was the original, the purple lid was made with grapeseed, and the green lid was the organic type. Folks went to great lengths to defend their favorite variety, explaining in minute detail why it was the superior option. Overwhelmed with an epic bout of FOMA (Fear Of Missing Out), I rushed out and bought some of the "blue cap."

Nearly four years later and my house has NEVER gone a day without it. In all seriousness, Vegenaise one of my all time favorite food items in the entire world. I go through withdrawals if there isn't any in my fridge; I've even gotten out of bed in the middle of the night to go pick some up just in case I needed it and it couldn't wait until morning (that's not a joke, by the way).

This is especially interesting to my family, because unless it was in something like potato or chicken salad, I LOATHED mayo in my pre-veg years. It just seemed so greasy, leaving a weird film on the entire inside of my mouth. Guh-ross. It was definitely not my go-to condiment. But when I started eating Vegenaise, I completely forgot that mustard or ketchup existed. I put it on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, sometimes even eating it straight out of the jar (DON'TJUDGEME) with a spoon... which is completely disgusting, I know, but that's how good Vegenaise is. It's just so creamy and pleasant tasting. Which doesn't really explain it all that well, I know, but trust me... I get why all those people in the Craigslist forums swoon over it! There's some really magical(ly addictive) about it.

Since it was the very first vegan product I ever had, I'm especially fond of it. What a nice way to be introduced to this diet! And what a nice way to celebrate "I Love Food" Day!

Today I'm making my number one favorite sandwich - a BLT with tempeh and avocado - which was also my go-to dinner during my formative veggie-eating days.

With a meal like this, how can I not have a...

Happy National I Love Food Day!

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