September 13, 2012

National Peanut Day

"If you can't control your peanut butter, you can't expect to control your life." Bill Watterson

It's National Peanut Day!

Peanuts have always made me think of my grandfather. After lunch every day, which - because he was a very traditional French Canadian man - was the biggest meal of the day, he'd eat a handful of roasted peanuts. I was never really sure why he did this. I thought it might have been a way to cleanse the palate, but according to my mom he just really liked peanuts. "He had simple tastes," she said. "He liked the crunch. And salted roasted peanuts in a jar were inexpensive and his favorite nut."

I have fond memories of him sitting on the couch post-lunch to finish his peanuts while watching soap operas before dozing off for his afternoon nap. Peanut dust dotting the corners of his mouth and covering his finger tips. And, when my grandparents owned their summer home, he'd frequently sit on his handmade wooden glider in the afternoon sunshine to eat his peanuts while reading The Reader's Digest. He just always smelled like a mixture of wood dust and peanuts.

When he passed away I found a jar of unopened salted, roasted peanuts in the back of their pantry. Years later, I still have that jar sitting on the desk of my office next to a bowling league trophy he won for some obscenely high score he achieved.

I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate today... or my Pépère who passed away six years ago September 1st... then to have a handful of peanuts after my big meal.

Happy National Peanut Day!