September 3, 2012

National Welsh Rarebit Day

“When trying to find the words to tell her how much I loved her, I stumbled across the ingredients for grilled cheese sandwiches. That’s when I realized she was the melted cheese to my toast. And the guy she’s currently seeing, the guy she left me for, well, I guess he is the tomato soup.
” ― Jarod Kintz

It's National Welsh Rarebit Day!

Sponsored byFollow Your Heart

Welsh rarebit has nothing to do with bunnies (mine is breathing a sigh of relief). Actually, it's melted cheddar cheese poured on toasted bread. "Buck rarebit" has a poached egg either on top of or beneath the cheese, "Hot Brown" adds turkey and bacon to the recipe, and if you blend your cheesy sauce with tomato soup it becomes a "Blushing bunny." The ironic name potentially originates from the days when poor man's meat happened to be rabbit (which was easy to hunt). It may also come from the idea that folks in the U.K. simply loved/love cheese.

Now, I've been a fan of Follow Your Heart since I first changed my diet to which I now see was from consumerism to compassion and sustainability. I live in an area of the world where we don't generally get the newest products from companies right away, so there hasn't always been a wide variety of options regarding things like vegan cheeses. I think the companies that were here knew that and took advantage of the people buying the products. So, I was thrilled when I stumbled across FYH's Vegan Gourmet Mozzarella. They already made my number one favorite vegan food (Vegenaise), but they made cheese too? Could it get any better?

The first time I ever had FYH mozzarella was in a pesto-based pasta dish; and it was a serious taste explosion. The cheese is creamy and texturally more accurate than most "cheezes" on the market. I fell in love with FYH all over again. And to have their support during my great food adventure means the world to me!

Happy National Welsh Rarebit Day!

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