October 10, 2012

National Angel Food Cake Day

"He looked about as inconspicuous as a tarantula on a slice of angel food cake." - Raymond Chandler

It's National Angel Food Cake Day!

Angel food cake is the opposite of devil's food cake. The former is light and airy, often referred to as "the food of the angels," whereas the latter is a more dense and rich cake. Personally, I like to know when I'm gastronomically ("a moment on the lips, forever on the hips") sinning. While angel food cake is lower in calories and may come off as the wide-eyed innocent dessert that has no ill intentions towards the shape of your tush, don't be fooled. Most people slather their cakes with sauces or creams that seem to seep into the delicious layers of golden cake begging for more to be poured onto it.

I'm on to you, angel food cake.

I'm spending today with a pumpkin flavored cake topped with pumpkin butter and served with a pumpkin beer (the latter two parts not featured in the picture, because I didn't want either to get warm). I don't know why, but the pumpkinception of tonight's dessert just seems wildly appealing to me. Heavier foods usually do the colder it gets outside (and, I hate to sound like a broken record *cough*Ned Stark*cough*, but winter is coming... so it's time to put that polar bear fat insulation back on).

Happy National Angel Food Cake Day!