October 18, 2012

National Chocolate Cupcake Day

"When you look at a cupcake, you've got to smile." - Anne Byrn

It's National Chocolate Cupcake Day!

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At some point over the past couple of years, cupcake's popularity has exploded. Not only can you walk into the grocery store, buy a mix and some pre-made frosting for under five bucks (won't lie: I'm a sucker for Funfetti everything), and have "homemade" cupcakes in twenty minutes, but there are now gourmet cupcake shops and food trucks that offer flavor options never before created. Just recently I had a PBR cupcake topped with Wild Turkey Honey Whiskey frosting.

This is serious business.

For some strange reason, I have an incredibly difficult time baking cupcakes. This wasn't always the case: my stress busting activities in college included working out and baking. I used to make pretty awesome peanut-butter filled cupcakes with a ganache frosting. They were INCREDIBLE. So good in fact that my mom and step-dad had me make them for their wedding. But now? I'm lucky if, out of a pan of twelve cupcakes, I get one that's cooked through and not burned (I blame this entirely on my oven and not at all on my impatience or butterfly-brain that flitters from idea to idea making things like baking sometimes extremely difficult).

Thankfully, Massutera - one of my favorite new finds - took care of today for me. Tessa, the mastermind behind these delicious and compassionately made treats, believes vegan food shouldn't taste like cardboard. "It should taste better because it's better for you, for the environment, and for the animals!," she says on the website. And these chocolate cupcakes are a testament to that. They are everything you grow up believing cupcakes should be before being disillusioned by what they really are. The "Chocolate Bomb" cakes were moist (even after having been shipped to me then frozen),  the frosting was creamy without being greasy or grainy, and together it made for pleasant (and unbelievably quick - I need to learn to slow down when I'm enjoying a good thing!) experience.

Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day!

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