October 28, 2012

National Chocolate Day

“What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate.” - Katharine Hepburn

It's National Chocolate Day!

Sponsored byLulu's Chocolate

It's about time we get around to celebrating one of the most beloved flavors in the universe: it's National Chocolate Day!

Indulge. I am. If you really need to justify your chocoholism today (or every day), just remember this: technically speaking, chocolate is a vegetable since it's a bean that comes from the cacao tree found in rainforests. Just sayin'.

While studies have now proven that chocolate has some seriously awesome health benefits (including: lowering blood pressure, reducing risk of cardiovascular problems, increasing cognitive abilities, and producing a positive psychological effect on the eater), it's mostly eaten for pleasure. Which is why it's totally appropriate to celebrate today with Lulu's Chocolates.

Or, as my friends and family like to call it: "Steff's Sex Chocolates."

When I first received the package of goodies from Lulu's, I dumped the contents on my table not even for one second noticing that the packaging, the copy, and the entire brand was based entirely around sensuality. My friend came over, saw the chocolate sitting out, and very seriously asked me: "Is there something you want to talk about?"


He picked up one of the chocolate bars and read the description on the back of it out loud, "Blonde Maca Love embraces chunks of dark chocolate sprinkled with cacao nibs. Side effects may include moaning aloud in delight and/or the inability to stop smiling. You deserve bliss!"

I had wondered why it seemed every post Lulu's made on Facebook was of scantily clad girls posing seductively with chocolate. It all made sense now. And I was strangely (or maybe not so strangely; the damn marketing team behind Lulu's knows EXACTLY what they're doing) attracted to all of it.

Of course chocolate is sexy... especially when it's vegan, organic, fair trade, gluten-free, good for you (did I mention the awesome health benefits?), and a total mouthgasm to boot. Which is what Lulu's Chocolates is. And man-oh-man, isn't hard to find a vegan chocolate that doesn't a) taste bland, weird, "off", or cardboard-y, or b) feel like gravel in the mouth.

Lulu's is lush. I got to try several different kinds of their raw chocolate love, including: Coffee Crunch("silky smooth dark chocolate cradles gently crushed coffee beans"), Raw Love ("lusciously deep raw cacao reunited with it's mythological lover Vanilla, fruit of an orchid flower"), and Love Truffles ("cacao hearts hugging creamy hazelnut Rawmio, kissed with Fleur de Sel sea sal"). All three were incredibly... you guessed it... sexy. Mouth melting, conversation stopping, inexplicably seductive little chocolates 100% true to their descriptions that didn't make me feel guilty for indulging.

Over. And over. And over again.

So, go ahead! Get your freak chocolate on!

(If you wanna see those lovely Lulu's ladies, check out their Facebook page!)

((And, hey, Lulu - if you ever need a model... I know a curvy, freckled chocoholic.)

Happy National Chocolate Day!

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