October 14, 2012

National Dessert Day

"Work is the meat of life, pleasure the dessert" - B. C. Forbes

It's National Dessert Day!

My parents fall on different sides of the culinary spectrum: while my dad is an appetizer guy, my mom is definitely all about dessert. I'd like to think I can be swayed either way (when I lived abroad, I always had a three course meal), but if I had to choose?

I'm Team Dessert all the way.

To me, having a piece of chocolate or slice of pie - something sweet - after a meal feels like perfect closure.

My family usually eats dessert that correspond with the season. Ice cream in the Spring when it gets warmer out, strawberry shortcake in the summer, apple crisp and pumpkin pie in the fall, and brownies and cookies in the winter (my mom always made one of those two on snow days when we were still in school).

Since there are so many other food holidays for the desserts I love, I wasn't sure how to make today different, until I remembered....

Caca cookies.

Some might call 'em "No Bakes," but my mom - to make my sister and I laugh, I think (and apparently because, according to my mom, "we French-Canadians call it like we see it") - always called them "Caca Cookies." Oatmeal, chocolate, peanut butter... yes, please!

Happy National Dessert Day!