October 6, 2012

National Noodle Day

"You often hear about ingredients being found, whether it is corn or ancient grains, but it is not too often that you hear about something as complex as noodles." - Greg Drescher

It's National Noodle Day!

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I'm a little skeptical about "frozen meals" in general: they seem to be filler more than anything else (nutritionally speaking). The sodium in them is revolting (if it feels like you're eating a salt brick, something is wrong), the texture is always soggy, they have this really bizarre smell while they're cooking, and they leave a bizarre aftertaste that lingers for hours. Yuck.

Lightlife is a company that has, since 1979, been creating quality vegetarian and vegan foods prepared in a healthy and sustainable way. They're a company that is keenly aware that what we eat is strongly connected to how we feel and how we live.

And they've begun making frozen meals! Today I got to try two different kinds: Perfecto Penne Primavera with meatless crumbles and Amaz’n Asian Sesame Chik’n.

I was surprised and genuinely content with how delicious and satisfying they both were. The portion size seemed just-right for a 240 calorie meal, the noodles actually looked like individual noodles and held up impressively well, the cut on the vegetables were big and had they still had a crunch to them (like they were actually fresh at some point or something. I know! - such a revolutionary concept for a frozen meal).

My favorite part? Nothing tasted like salt. I have never experienced that before in a frozen meal. I was shocked after that first bite - I could actually taste each individual component. And when I swallowed? Neither the ghost of sodium or any other weird aftertaste lingered in my mouth.

Well done, Lightlife.

What a nice way to spend noodle day!

Happy National Noodle Day!

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