October 17, 2012

National Pasta Day

"Pasta doesn't make you fat. How much pasta you eat makes you fat." - Giada De Laurentiis

It's National Pasta Day!

Sponsored by: Barilla

About ten years ago, my mom remarried an Italian fella from Boston. And with his introduction to our family came something new: pasta. We didn't each much pasta growing up, because we were too busy eating pork like tourtiere (meat pie) and cretons (a meat spread that you put on toast with mustard). Because of his childhood stories and the culture he comes from - which is incredibly different than the French-Canadian one we do - we've had the opportunity to eat some really delicious, really authentic Italian dishes over the past decade.

So, I go into today confidently!

I think Barilla, a company that's been an outstanding supporter of the Almanac of Eats attempt to eat the year, does an excellent job at making traditional Italian pasta approachable and delicious. There are so many different varieties of pasta, that it can be overwhelming to figure out what shape goes best with what sauce or dish type? Barilla's website lets you easily search for recipes based on the region of Italy, what level of difficult you want it to be, how long you want to spend on making it, the seasonality, cheeses you want to include in the dish, or shape of pasta. It's like Italian food made easy! And the quality of their pasta is unparalleled. Using a blend of the finest durum wheat to produce the semolina that makes their pasta, Barilla's innovative milling process and methods assure high quality and excellent cooking properties.

Now, there's been so many other pasta or noodle related food holidays throughout this year, that I really wanted to set today apart. I'm made pasta with alfredo, pasta with tomato sauce, pasta with olive oil and veggies, pasta with pesto, ravioli three ways, and a delicious and ridiculously expensive lasagna in the middle of a very hot July day (so worth it, though). A few years ago I tried (a homemade) bolognese for the first time while I was living in England. I remember it being a creamy, boozy (yes, please!) mouthgasm. I've never had it since because it seemed like a pretty intimidating dish to make. But this year has been all about new tries and pushing myself culinarily, and wouldn't ya know... it came out awesome!

Happy National Pasta Day!

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