October 27, 2012

National Potato Day

"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

It's National Potato Day!

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While the U.S. celebrates National Potato Day in the middle of October, Ireland celebrates it on August 25th. According to Ireland's potato website, theirs was an initiative of the potato industry itself, and the goal was to bring a national focus to the vegetable to highlight the important role it plays in a healthy balanced diet.

Doesn't matter if it's the Emerald Isle or the Land of Opportunity, I think we can all agree that the potato has been a staple food throughout our global history. Behind rice, wheat, and maize, potatoes are the fourth-largest food crop in the world.

A couple weeks ago I had the chance to replicate a proper English tea (bangers, mash, Yorkshire pudding... a really gorgeous and traditional meal that, with a little creativity, was made entirely vegan). I knew going into this project to eat the year that I wanted to somehow incorporate meals from several of the places I lived and traveled to. Today is the perfect day for me to make a dish featuring that humble, edible tuber - the potato - from my time living in the Canary Islands.

To create the dish from Tenerife, I need olives (believe it or not, olives and potatoes go together like whoa). And today I'm using manzanilla olives from Musco Family Olive Company. If anyone knows olives, it's the Musco family. The company was started by Nicolo Musco, who brought his olive expertise from Italy to California "with the ambition of making a good thing even better." According to their website, they continue this tradition by offering only those olives with the finest texture and taste. "Whether in your favorite recipes or on the tips of your fingers, you will not find a richer olive than ours."

How can you not love a company that promotes playing with your food? Or one that cares so deeply about the food they make? Their green olives are hand-harvested to ensure quality before being sent through a pasteurization process that produces an olive that's lower in salt and has the best taste and color of any green olive on the market.

I couldn't agree more.

(Photo credit: Remick Photography)

Happy National Potato Day!

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