October 15, 2012

National Red Wine Day

“A man can never have too much red wine,
too many books, or too much ammunition.” - Rudyard Kipling

It's National Red Wine Day!

The Epic Battle Between A Blogger and a Boy
and their Bottle of Booze

We got a bottle of cheap red wine.

We went to open it with a corkscrew.

But the corkscrew broke.

So we tried to open it with a Leatherman.

But it broke the Leatherman, too.

Next, we stuck a screw in the cork.

We tried to pry it out with pliers.

The screw broke.

Finally, we gently chiseled away at the cork with a knife.

Until the bottle itself finally broke.

After forty-five minutes and multiple broken tools, we had wine.
Probably the most hard-fought glass of $3.99 wine in our lives.

Who knew it was going to be such a corktease?

Happy National Red Wine Day!