October 13, 2012

National Yorkshire Pudding Day

After dinner rest a while, after supper walk a mile." - English proverb

It's National Yorkshire Pudding Day!

One of the things I love most about traveling is sharing a meal with locals. Food is an integral part of every region in the world's, and I think it's incredibly important to immerse yourself in other cultures. One of the best ways to do this is to experience a meal like the locals do - from the preparation, to pre-meal traditions, the flow in which a meal is shared and eaten, and any post-meal rituals.

One of my favorite food discoveries throughout my years of travelling was the Yorkshire pudding. At the time, it reminded me of a pancake, but in biscuit form. They were named after a northern county in England, and have been a staple in the diet of the British for generations. The first documented recipe was sometime in the 1700's and they were originally made and served with meat drippings. And recently, in 2008, the Royal Society of Chemistry decreed that a proper Yorkshire pudding must be at least four inches tall.

I wanted to make sure I could somehow pay homage to the wonderful country of Great Britain sometime during this great Almanac of Eats adventure. Today's that day. Bangers with Coleman's, mash, Yorkshire pudding, and strong tea... and it's entirely vegan.

Happy National Yorkshire Pudding Day!

P.S. Did you know Britain celebrates National Yorkshire Pudding Day? It's on the first Sunday of February.