November 17, 2012

National Baklava Day

"Can I offer you baklava? Or a bagel with cream cheese?" - Prince

It's National Baklava Day!

Sponsored byAunt Trudy's

Crispy, paper thin layers of phyllo dough, chopped pistachio nuts, and a rich syrup made of honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and lemon.

Baklava may me one of the sweetest, stickiest, sexiest desserts out there.

I don't know that I could make baklava without epicly failing. Delicate, classy, gentle... these are words that don't describe me. And they're qualities I'm pretty sure you need - along with patience - to put together this dessert. So, I've turned to The Fillo Factory who, for over 25 years, has been recognized as having perfected the art of crafting phyllo dough that's healthy, convenient, and gorgeous tasting.

The Fillo Factory's brand Aunt Trudy's makes a variety of vegan, vegetarian, kosher, and organic products from the highest quality ingredients available. Every one of their recipes is a labor of love and testament to their slogan "gourmet the natural and organic way", and you can taste that in their baklava... seriously!

Sometimes baklava can feel saturated, slimy or soft. Good baklava should be delicate, but in a firm way - does that make sense? When I take a bite, I should be able to feel each layer of phyllo teeth breaking under my teeth - but it shouldn't just fall apart and it shouldn't feel like cement. The flavor needs to be sweet, but not cloyingly so. Aunt Trudy's accomplishes all of that. And for me - with a cup of chamomile tea and a good book - it's the perfect girls night-in snack.

Happy National Baklava Day!

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