November 27, 2012

National Bavarian Cream Pie Day

"The homemade pie has been under siege for a century, and surely its survival is endangered." - Janet Clarkson

It's National Bavarian Cream Pie Day!

Bavarian cream pies are like other pastry creams, but use gelatin, whipped cream, and sometimes liqueur instead. In the early 19th century, the dessert was named either for Bavaria or for a distinguished Bavarian visiting the haute cuisine circles popular during that time. it's believed the dessert was created by Marie Antoine Careme.

I'm not totally convinced Boston and Bavarian cream pies are all that different (and neither are most donut shops in Amur-KAH, either since it seems the only difference between the two is that Boston cream donuts get a chocolate glaze and Bavarian cream donuts get powdered sugar or nothing). But I can tell you one thing: I put waaaaaaay too much booze in my Boston-free Bavarian Cream Pies. It was basically like eating bourbon pie with a suggestion of vanilla.


Happy National Bavarian Cream Pie Day!