November 11, 2012

National Sundae Day

"Any reviewer who expresses rage and loathing for a novel is preposterous. He or she is like a person who has put on full armor and attacked a hot fudge sundae." - Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

It's National Sundae Day!

The history of the sundae is a dubious one. Supposedly the term originated from the word "Sunday" itself. Ice cream lore says that the invention of the sundae occurred because pharmacists were trying to dodge prohibition of ice cream on Sundays.

Crazy, right?

Here's one crazier: did you know that the world's most expensive sundae according to the Guinness Book of World Records is from Serendipty 3 in New York City? It's called "The Grand Opulence" and was created to celebrate Serendipity 3's 50th anniversary in 2004.

For $1,000 you get:
- 5 scoops of the richest Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream infused with Madagascar vanilla and covered in a 23K edible gold leaf
- the sundae is drizzled with the world’s most expensive chocolate (Amedei Porceleana) and covered with chunks of rare Chuao chocolate which is made from cocoa beans harvested by the Caribbean Sea on Venezuela’s coast
- the masterpiece is then topped with exotic candied fruits from Paris, gold dragets, truffles, and marzipan cherries
- a tiny glass bowl of Grand Passion Caviar, an exclusive dessert caviar made of salt-free American Golden caviar (known for its sparkling golden color) is placed on top
- finally, it’s sweetened and infused with fresh passion fruit, orange and Armagnac.

No, seriously:

I'm not celebrating this extravagantly today, I'm afraid. Maybe someday (sans the caviar - fish and ice cream? Notgonnahappen). Something simple for me. As long as there's a bit of hot fudge or hot peanut butter sauce involved... I'm a happy, happy girl.

Happy National Sundae Day!