December 8, 2012

National Brownie Day

"I hear Angela's party will have double fudge brownies. But it will also have Angela." - Kevin Malone, "The Office"

It's National Brownie Day!

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Brownies have certainly left a mark in our culinary world. Not only are they a staple at local bake sales, they also now grace the menus of fine dining restaurants (for example, in one restaurant for $1,000 your brownie - which is made with imported Italian hazelnuts and gold dust - also comes with a personal waiter who spritzes your mouth with port after each bite).

Don't believe me?

I'm not usually a brownie kinda gal. Like the epic war between pie and cake, I think folks either love cookies or brownies more than the other. Growing up we were a pie and cookie home. But, over the years I've grown to appreciate brownies - even learning to make my own from beets and cocoa powder (deliriously delicious, by the way). Today, I got to try Massutera's brownies. They were nothing like the dried out, underwhelming, bake sale brownies I've come to know. Massutera's brownies were really rich and dense - which is how I like my brownies. The more fudgy and chewy they are the better (you can keep your light, cake-y ones!). I was also really impressed at how flavorful they were. Sometimes baked goods have the tendency to all sort of taste the same... like flour and sugar were brought together and tossed in the oven (that was a really pedestrian explanation, but I think you get it), but Massutera's brownies actually tasted mega chocolaty. Now if all brownies could be this good, I might switch sides (but don't tell cookies that, please!).

Happy National Brownie Day!

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