December 26, 2012

National Candy Cane Day

“We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup.” - Buddy, “Elf”

It's National Candy Cane Day!

I'm a big fan of candy canes. They're one of the only decorations allowed on my Christmas tree. What makes me angry are the "candy flavored" versions like blue-raspberry, banana cream pie, and watermelon. These ARE NOT candy canes. They're cane-shaped candies that don't taste like ANY flavors associated with Christmas. Blue-raz, go back to summer, y'hear me?! Shame on you, friends, if you like these. I cannot support this terrible culinary decision.

Also, why did my school nurse growing up think that peppermint candies were the cure all for every ailment a child came to her with? I understand that "back in the day" it was considered medicine, because the peppermint - acting like a pacifier - had a calming effect. I didn't grow up in the 1800's, Mrs. Madore. I don't need your peppermint (I figured out the key words to drop with her whenever I wanted to "go home sick" anyway... "I'm just so dizzy!" BAM! My grandfather would be there in fifteen minutes to bring me home and watch crappy TV with me.)

Actual candy canes were originally just long, hard, white sticks that tasted of mint. It's believed that a choir director at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany during Christmas Eve in 1670 got a local candy maker to shape them into what looked like shepherd's staffs. This was the choir director's way of justifying giving out candy to children at the very long church worship service to keep them quiet.

Brilliant mind, if you ask me.

How will you celebrate today? I think I'm going to snatch one of the candy canes off my Christmas tree (not the one that Jack Bauer the Lobster is holding) and use it to mix my hot chocolate with. 'Tis the season (for a few more days), right?

Happy National Candy Cane Day!