December 24, 2012

National Egg Nog Day

“There’s enough rum in this eggnog to blind a pirate!” - Stephen Colbert

It's National Egg Nog Day!

I don't think I've ever actually had real egg nog; y'know, the kind with milk, sugar, beaten raw eggs, nutmeg, and rum. That just sounds like bad stomachache to me. But, I did have the stuff my local dairy farm used to make every year. When I became an herbivore I was pleased at how many soy-based options there were for me to satiate this seasonal craving. Like apple cider in the fall, I absolutely have to have egg soy nog (and maybe a little rum, too) in the house every day during the Christmas season.

Toasting the family on Christmas Eve with a glass of nog is the equivalent to toasting the fam with champagne on New Year's Eve on my book. So, as far as I'm concerned, the universe couldn't have more appropriately placed a food holiday than today.

The name "egg nog" may come from a couple different places. Some believe it was originally called "egg and grog", a term the Colonists used for drinks made eggs and strong ale or spirits. Others think it came from the old English word "nog", which refers to "noggin" - a small, wooden mug that was used to serve alcohol (in this instance, specifically an egg inside a small cup of booze).

And now you're all the wiser, foodies.

Tonight don't forget to leave Santa a glass of egg nog sans the liquor - Almanac of Eats does not endorse drinking and flying (side note: my parents always had my sister and I leave Santa some milk or water instead... they told us that Santa liked the break from the heavy stuff) and a cookie or three. And remember the reindeer - they're really the ones doing all the work to get Santa around the world in a timely fashion! We always left them some carrot sticks and celery!

Happy National Egg Nog Day!