December 15, 2012

National Lemon Cupcake Day

“Nothing heals the soul like cupcakes... it’s God’s apology for muffins.” - Princess Cupcake

It's National Lemon Cupcake Day!

Sponsored byMassutera

You know why I like today's food holiday? It's a step outside the "normal." Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes are so mainstream that anything just a little different is really exciting... and why shouldn't we celebrate that?  Especially during this time of year when our taste buds are over-saturated with traditional sweets. Lemon cupcakes sound like a refreshing, tangy break from all of that!

Personally, I'm a sucker for anything citrus, specifically limes and lemons (and orange slices in my Diet Coke). The wonderful folks at Massutera have sent me some vegan "luscious lemon" cupcakes to celebrate today with. And, true to their name, they're indeed lush. The lemon flavor is neither too sour or too subtle; it's the perfect balance of tang and sweet. The cupcake itself was light and soft, and the frosting creamy enough to tempt anyone into indulging. Though, after spending a year with Massutera I honestly wasn't expecting anything less!

Massutera makes some of the best cupcakes I've ever had - vegan or not. And right now they have this awesome opportunity for folks to create their own cupcakes. According to their website, "You are in control! Maybe not of your destiny, but of these cupcakes at least! You choose the batter, the filler and the frosting. Build the cupcake of your dreams and get a 6-pack delivered to your door. Available for a limited time only!"

Um... yes please!

Happy National Lemon Cupcake Day!

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