December 6, 2012

National Microwave Day

"I know how to work a microwave but LOVE home cooked meals." - Mark Mothersbaugh

It's National Microwave Day!

Everybody has a food during the holiday season that they love and can't get enough of (probably because they only get it that one time a year). For me, that's "Muddy Buddies." My mom makes some every year; last year, she decided to give me a container full as an actual Christmas gift. Knowing I wouldn't have any for another year, I rationed those bad boys out until the beginning of this past October when I sat down with some apple cider and licked the container clean (calmly telling myself that I just needed to wait a month and a half for more).

Muddy Buddies are made from cereal, peanut butter and chocolate that you melt in the microwave (*ding ding* which is today's magic word), and powdered sugar (suggestion: there's no way to eat muddy buddies without getting powdered sugar absolutely everywhere, so don't wear a black sweater while eating them like the girl in the above photo did... duh, right?).

For the recipe, check out the Chex website.

Happy National Microwave Day!