December 23, 2012

National Pfeffernüsse Day

“A plate of cookies is a great way to end dinner and really nice to share at the holidays.” - Bobby Flay

It's National Pfeffernüsse Day!

I had never heard of "pfeffernüsse" until today. If you had asked me to guess what I might think it was, I'd probably have said some kind of pretzel product or spiced, whipped mousse. Which isn't too far off the mark (well, still pretty far, but at least I didn't guess something like "potato salad" or "roast leg of lamb")...

Pfeffernüsse, which is German for "pepper nuts," are small, round, hard cookies. They're usually spiced (not spicy) and sometimes made with ground nuts. Did I mention they were hard? So hard that they're difficult to bite into after they're first baked. Some people dunk them into a hot beverage before eating, while others just wait - the cookies soften with aging.

I tried to cobble together a recipe for pfeffernüsse and... well, mine didn't come out hard. Mine came out like little chewy, lemony, pepper cookies. Delicious, but not hard. I am sure pfeffernüsse experts would not be impressed, but hey - since this was my first time - I was!

Happy National Pfeffernüsse Day!