December 1, 2012

National Pie Day

"Only very clever man can bite pie without breaking crust." - Charlie Chan (Warner Oland)

It's National Pie Day!

This year, we've already celebrated over a dozen pie-themed foof holidays.

I think it's safe to assume, then, we're a country that doesn't just "kinda like" pie... we're freakin' obsessed with it.

But food brings us together. It's a way to carry on traditions despite whatever changes are happening in the rest of the world, and it's a way to honor those loved ones that fought so hard to give us a better life than they had.

This year, I thought I would try and recreate one my families favorite holiday dishes - meat pie - entirely vegan. This will be my fourth Christmas with a plant-based diet, and I am far more confident in my abilities to make killer meat-free dishes (pun intended). Now's the time to for me to reunite with my culture without compromising my gastronomical beliefs.

Besides, I'm a little tired of sweet pies. The savory pie is deserves some love, too!

Happy National Pie Day!