December 25, 2012

National Pumpkin Pie Day

"He made a most delicious pumpkin pie, which he presented to the passersby. Before the sun set he'd be all but dry, folks would buy the whole supply." - 'Pumpkin Pie', by Lemon Demon

It's National Pumpkin Pie Day!

Sponsored byMassutera

Ahhh, the pumpkin. For centuries, people have loved this vegetable-turned-dessert. It's sweet, creamy, features spices appropriate to the season, and is a gentle reminder of the end of another harvest. During the Thanksgiving to Christmas stretch I've always felt very strongly about the idea of taking a break from our daily grind to recognize everything we're blessed with, and to break bread with loved ones. To me, pumpkin pies are symbolic of that time.

Massutera has become one of my favorite companies over the course of this attempt to eat the year as compassionately, sustainability, and healthily as possible. They create decadent desserts from pies to cupcakes, and cookies to brownies that are good for both the body and soul (and for the friends we fight so hard to protect: they have an entire line of desserts specifically for cats, dogs, and horses). Today they've shared with me their mini pumpkin pies. I'm not sure what the Massutera trade secret is, but there's a spice in these little treats that I can't quite put my finger on that really brings the dessert to life in a way I've never tasted before. Absolutely delicious!

Much like this time of year!

Happy National Pumpkin Pie Day!

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