January 22, 2013

National Blonde Brownie Day

"I want to be president someday, so I have not smoked marijuana. I ate a brownie once. At a party in college. It was kind of indescribable really. I felt like I was floating. It turns out that there wasn't any marijuana in it, it was just an insanely good brownie." - Leslie Knope, "Parks and Rec"

It's National Blonde Brownie Day!

Q: What happens when you strip the chocolate from a brownie?
A: You’re left with a blondie (or blonde brownie).

Blondies are usually made from brown sugar and vanilla as opposed to cocoa powder. However, they may include butterscotch or toffee chips, a variety of nuts, shredded coconut, candy pieces, or even chocolate chunks. Blonde brownie purists may balk at this though, as certain quantities and combinations of any of the aforementioned ingredients may turn the dessert into a “Congo Bar.” Even if they do blur the line, does it really matter? It’s sugar. It’s delicious. And what’s in a name anyway?

Why not just go to town and make Blonde Congo Brownie Bars like I did? Listen, these food holidays are all about indulgence. So if you’re gonna celebrate, do it up right.

Chocolate (and blonde hair) optional.

Happy National Blonde Brownie Day!