January 20, 2013

National Buttercrunch Day

"Eat butter first, and eat it last, and live till a hundred years be past." - Old Dutch proverb

It's National Buttercrunch Day!

One of the most glorious things about food is our interpretation of them. The same word or idea can mean something different to any host of people. Today is the perfect example of that… it’s National Buttercrunch Day (not to be confused with National Almond Buttercrunch Day on June 29th)!

So will you celebrate with buttercrunch (the candy)? It’s a delicious, crunchy, caramelly flavored toffee covered in chocolate that absolutely melts in your mouth. And it was one of my absolute favorite candies when I was younger, especially when watching a movie or roadtripping.

Or maybe with buttercrunch (the lettuce)? Buttery, rich, thick, crisp leaves full of Vitamin A that was an All America winner in 1963. It makes for a pretty awesome salad!

Or maybe with buttercrunch (the ice cream)? Who doesn’t love that buttery, mapley, vanillay goodness with little bursts of sweet, golden candies throughout? It’s such a simple ice cream flavor, but it’s impressively rich and smooth (and perfect for hot summer days).

My recommendation? Celebrate with your favorite... maybe even all three at once!

(Okay, not all three at once.)

Happy National Buttercrunch Day!