February 2, 2013

Jour des Crêpes

"À la Chandeleur, l'hiver cesse ou reprend vigueur." (On Candlemas, winter ends or strengthens) - a traditional French saying

It's National Crepes Day... in France!

February 2nd is the Catholic holiday Candelmas (in French: La Chandeleur) which honors the day that baby Jesus was presented to the temple and his mother, the Virgin Mary, was purified after giving birth. Candlemas also goes by the name Fête de la Lumière (Festival of Lights) or Jour des Crêpes (Crepe Day) since it's tradition to celebrate with a whole lotta crêpes eating. It's customary for a person to flip a crêpe with one hand (in the pan, obviously) while holding a coin in the other. If they can do successfully, it ensures happiness and wealth for the year to come.

May seem silly, but remember... February 2nd is also Groundhog Day. A day when many Amur-KAHN's wait and watch to see if a rodent is spooked by his shadow to determine whether or not winter is over yet.

Anyway, now you're all the wiser foodies!

I'm not France-French and I'm not Catholic, but since I like food holidays and dig Jesus I thought I would celebrate today. Obviously, if you're attempting to eat the year there's no pressure to do so as well since you have other options (it's also National Heavenly Hash Day and National Tater Tot Day - which may or may not be "real"), but who doesn't love crepes?

(Side note: I can't seem to flip my crepes, because they slightly stick to the edges. Does this mean the next year I will not live long and prosper?!)

Happy Jour des Crêpes!