February 1, 2013

National Baked Alaska Day

Rose: "I found out that Baked Alaska can be baked locally." Dorothy: "Rose I know something else. Mars Bars are made right here on Earth." - Golden Girls

Today is National Baked Alaska Day!

Baked Alaska, glace au four, or omelette √† la Norv√©gienne is traditionally sponge cake and ice cream dessert covered in meringue, then baked in an extremely hot oven. It's a total mind-boggling masterpiece. Yes, I understand that the meringue acts like insulation and prevents the ice cream from melting, but still: you’re sticking ice cream in an oven. In an oven. AND IT DOESN’T TURN TO SOUP. That’s just crazy, that’s what that is.

Apparently, Baked Alaska is not a very popular dessert in my neck of the woods. And since I wasn't going to attempt making one myself (did I mention how crazy it is to put ice cream in an oven?), I settled on some Baked Alaska flavored coffee. It is one of the most aromatic coffees I have ever smelled; there are hints of both pastry and - as weird as it sounds - ice cream. Seriously! The flavor is a little underwhelming (though enhanced with a little soy creamer and raw sugar - then again, what isn't?), but I don't mind it. I'd rather have some kind of coffee in my house then no coffee!

Happy National Baked Alaska Day!