February 8, 2013

National Girl Scout Cookie Day

Michael: "Okay, everybody, tonight's event is to benefit the Boy Scouts of America."
Oscar: "Again? We do that every year."
Michael: "Well, they need our money. They don't have cookies like the Girl Scouts." - The Office

It's National Girl Scout Cookie Day!
(Please note: this is a floating food holiday. It usually occurs at the beginning of February.)

Every year the Girl Scouts sell cookies and in the process learn five important business and life skill sets: money management, goal setting, decision making, people skills, and business ethics. And February 8th, 2013 was declared National Girl Scout Cookie Day to show support (and raise awareness) to the cookie program, the Girl Scouts themselves, and all they do for the communities they're in.[1]

I decided to make my own Samoas this year (which I know is SO NOT the right way to celebrate today) from a recipe I found at Baking Bites. It was one of the most stressful evenings of my life - I'm not sure how this superhuman woman put these cookies together without burning her finger tips on the molten lava caramel. It's a good thing my attempt at recreating them was not being recorded as there was swearing, wall-punching, and other generally unattractive tantrum-esque moments during the process.

Are they delicious? Sure they are. But next year I'll save myself time and my identity (since I'm pretty sure I no longer have finger prints), and just buy Samoas and support a good cause (and one that's close to home as my mom was a Girl Scout when she was younger!).

Happy National Girl Scout Cookie Day!