February 17, 2013

National Indian Pudding Day

“It's not improbable that a man may receive more solid satisfaction from pudding while he is alive than from praise after he is dead." - Proverb

It's National Indian Pudding Day!

If today sounds familiar, that's because it should: there are three National Indian Pudding Days throughout the year (February 17th, June 27th, and November 13th). For a food that very few people outside of the Northeast have heard of, it sure does get a lot of love on the food calendar!

If you never had it, it's a dessert that originated in colonial times. What makes it unique is that it uses corn meal instead of flour (because flour was hard to come by back when the pilgrims originally made it). The other main ingredient is molasses, so as you can imagine it's quite the sticky and poignantly sweet dish.

When I celebrated this food holiday back in November, I attempted to make my own (as it was nearish Thanksgiving I felt compelled to get in touch with my geographical roots and recreate a dish New England's "founders" ate). Things didn't go so well (read: it came out awful). Learning from past mistakes, I decided the best option for today was to buy my Indian pudding pre-made. And wouldn't you know there's a place about 200 miles away from me up the coast near Canada that makes a pretty authentic, canned version.

I'm sold. Especially if it means I don't have to make my own again!

Happy National Indian Pudding Day!