February 12, 2013

Pancake Day

“Shrove Tuesday is kind of a day of foolishness and silliness. That's why a carnival makes sense, being silly and foolish before moving into the seriousness of Ash Wednesday.” - Pat Eidsness

It's Pancake Day!
(Please note: this is a floating food holiday. It occurs on Shrove Tuesday each year.)

The first time I celebrated Pancake Day was when I was living in England. I had no idea it was even a thing, but leading up to the day people asked me what I was doing to celebrate the day like I was supposed to have plans. Thankfully, my best friend at the time had me covered. Shrove Tuesday arrived, and after work he made dozens and dozens of crepe-like pancakes for us that we ate with lemon juice and powdered sugar, dipped in maple syrup (don't sneer... the combination of flavors actually works!).

As you can see, despite the fact that this photo is from 2008, some things about me never change.

Anyway, the tradition stems from the idea that since during Lent it's customary to give up certain habits or luxuries because it's a time of holy observance leading up to the cruxification of Jesus, pancakes helped rid the house of decadent foods like eggs, milk, and sugar. It's sort of like a last gastronomical hoorah before fasting for six weeks.

And now you're all the wiser, foodies.

Happy Pancake Day!