March 20, 2013

National Bock Beer Day

"I've only been in love with a beer bottle and a mirror." - Sid Viscious

It's National Bock Beer Day!

Once upon a time (around the 1500's), some German brewers (there's rumor these men may have been monks) in the medieval town of Einbeck created a darker, maltier ale (side note: Einbeck's slogan in present time is, "Without Einbeck, there would be no Bock Beer"). The style eventually became very popular throughout the country, but those with Bavarian accents started to pronounce it "ein Bock" which, translated, means "a billy goat."

Which explains the pretty intense looking goat on my bottle of Samuel Adam's Cinder Bock, which is advertised on the bottle as: "Unusual and playful this cross-breed brew begins with a rush of smoky, almost savory, aromas and flavors. The distinctive campfire smokiness of a rauchbier lingers and begins to reveal the rich and velvety malt smoothness of a double bock with notes of toffee and caramel. This roguish brew transforms from its bold start to a hearty and satisfying finish". While the idea of smoky aromas and flavors originally made me nervous, the promise of toffee and caramel notes is what sold me (my sweet tooth knows no boundaries). And in the end it was actually the unique "smokiness" and rich malty flavors that were the best part about this beer which - by the way - tasted nothing like I was expecting it to (in a good way, that is - there was a subtle sweetness to it that I really appreciated). Overall, it was delicious - though very different from my usual Belgian wheat ale go-to's - and packed a pretty nice little punch. Hours later I realized that's because it has a 9.5% ABV.

Moar goat beer, say I!

Happy National Bock Beer Day!