March 3, 2013

National Mulled Wine Day

"Conversation is the enemy of good wine and food." - Alfred Hitchcock

It's National Mulled Wine Day!

Similar to mulled cider (which we celebrate on September 30th), mulled wine is a heated beverage (usually) made from red wine along with a variety of other ingredients like spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger, etc.), vanilla beans, sugar (honey, maple syrup, agave, etc.), citrus slices, raisins, and even some additional liquor like brandy, cognac, whisky, or rum.

There are lots options to make it uniquely your own!

I don't think I've ever quite experienced alcohol "going to my head", as they say, quite as quickly as the mulled wine I made did. After soaking sliced citrus fruit in red wine overnight, I poured the contents of the pitcher into my Crock-Pot with cinnamon sticks and some other spices. Two hours later the most rich, velvety, alluring smell permeated my apartment and I knew it was time to sample my vin chaud (it's also known as "gløgg", a Scandinavian term for mulled wine that sounds incredibly bad ass, doesn't it?). My plan was to fill a travel mug with some of the concoction, bundle up, and take a long walk around my neighborhood - something I've grown quite fond of doing this year. Perhaps it's because of the abundance of snow we've received, but everything seams so still. Even nighttime doesn't seem as foreboding this winter as it has in years past; both the enormous walls of snow and darkness actually have an element of protectiveness to them. But my walk never happened. After one glass of my mulled wine I was instantly feeling delightfully warm and sleepy. So, instead I curled up on the floor of my living room with multiple pillows and blankets, and just lost myself in comfort and - of course - more mulled wine.

Skål! And...

Happy National Mulled Wine Day!