March 26, 2013

National Nougat Day

"I think I've reached a point in my life where I can tell the difference between nougat and cookie." - George Kostanza, "Seinfeld"

It's National Nougat Day!

National Nugent Day, you say?!

No... nougat! The sugar/honey confection (that may or may not contain nuts or fruits) that's eaten as is or found inside candy bars. There are two basic types of nougat: white (which is on the softer, chewier side and is made with egg whites), and brown (which is made with caramelized sugar, making it similar to brittle in texture).

When I lived in Spain I got to eat traditional TurrĂ³n de Alicante (a sweet, hard nougat), and it was delicious. Unfortunately, I couldn't recreate that today so I celebrated with something homemade instead, and truth be told: it came out awful.

But who cares if my nougat didn't come out right when I got an excuse today to pose next to a virtual Nugent!

Happy National Nougat Day!