April 5, 2013

National Deep Dish Pizza Day

“There's a pizza place near where I live that sells only slices. In the back you can see a guy tossing a triangle in the air.” - Stephen Wright

It's National Deep Dish Pizza Day!

Deep dish pizzas are thick (one to three inches) slices of pizza pie that originated in Chicago in 1943 by Uno's. It's assembled "upside down" with the cheese being layered first before being topped any meats or veg, then finished with sauce (because of a longer bake time on these, the cheese would burn if it wasn't buried like this).

My very first encounter with deep dish 'za was actually an Uno's pre-made concoction my parents used to purchase in the deli section (near the hummus) of our preferred grocer. Not only was the sauce too chunky and the crust too buttery, but the whole thing was also too cheesy and too salty...

and too flipping good to say no to, as well!

Making your own deep dish pizza isn't that hard - instead of a flat crust, use a pie shell (or something similar) if you're too short on time or cash to make your own from scratch. Or, make mini pizzas by using muffin tins. Not in the mood to cook? There's absolutely nothing wrong with heading to a local pizzeria for one (if your area makes them, that is) or simply purchasing one at the market which is my lazy go-to option!

Just make sure you give your slice time to cool... there's nothing worse than burning your mouth on pizza except for burning your mouth on a piece of pizza that's a couple inches thick, that is!

Happy National Deep Dish Pizza Day!