April 14, 2013

National Grits Day

“It is very easy to forgive others their mistakes; it takes more grit and gumption to forgive them for having witnessed your own.” - Jessamyn West

It's National Grits Day!

I've discovered a new love: slices of fried grits dredged through taco seasoning seasoned vegan mayo (that made sense, right?) or spicy mango BBQ sauce. Is it kind of a weird combination? Yes. Moderately unattractive? Yes. But is it abundantly delicious? Oh. Girl. You. Know. It. And let's face it - we all have bizarre food loves/quirks that we stumbled upon accidentally or created out of necessity (one time, the only foods I had in my house were rice, chive cream cheese, and tomato sauce... so, I cooked the rice, mixed in the cream cheese, then topped it with the cold sauce. And wouldn't you know? It was a dayum mouthgasm)... fried grits happen to be one of mine.

Fun facts about grits, y'all?:
- Grits of today are made from hominy, an alkali-treated dried corn kernels
- St. George, SC calls itself the "Grits Capital of the World"
- One of Georgia's official state foods is grits
- True Grit was nominated for ten Oscars

Happy National Grits Day!