April 30, 2013

National Raisin Day

"Inject a few raisins of conversation into the tasteless dough of existence." - O. Henry

It's National Raisin Day!

I have always had a serious love affair with ants on a log. I asked my mom - keeper of the memories my sister and I are too young to remember - how exactly it all started. She wrote the following email to me:

"The spring before you went to kindergarten you went to preschool two mornings a week - Tuesdays and Thursdays - from January to May. And on Thursdays you little ones helped the teachers (who were students at the high school going to college for education) make a snack as part of your curriculum. Every week you were introduced to something new. You enjoyed most of them, like sliced apples with cinnamon, pudding, crackers and cheese, carrots and dip, but then we hit a patch where you - opinionated little foodie that you already were at five years old - were completely unimpressed.

First it was jello with fruit in it. You came home announcing that jello was gross by itself but putting fruit in it made it 'grosser'. At the time, gross was your word of choice when you were just DONE with a food. So even when I mentioned that maybe jello by itself would be worth another try, you told me in no uncertain terms that you were done with jello in ANY form cause it was - what? - gross.

The next week you told me the snack better be something better than gross jello with gross fruit.

Unfortunately it was not.

I picked you up, you got in the car, I asked you how your morning was, and you said, 'They made us eat PEEWEE!' I was like 'What?' You said, 'We had PEEWEE for a snack. It has FUZZ on it, it has seeds, and it's the grossest thing I've ever eaten.' I started laughing and said, 'Do you mean kiwi?' And you replied, 'YES! Stop laughing. Mom - it has FUZZ. Fuzz is GROSS!' It was so funny and you were so pissed!

The next Thursday you went to school armed for bear. And I picked you up scared to death for those poor high school girls in charge of you. You got in the car and I couldn't even ask how your day was, because you were basically singing as you joyfully announced, 'We had the best snack ever! Ants on a log! They aren't really ants - they're raisins. And it's not really a log - it's celery. And the ants are stuck to the log with tree sap but it's not really tree sap it's peanut butter and it was the best snack ever!' I said, 'So you liked it, huh?' And you said, 'IT WAS THE BEST SNACK EVER AND I AM GONNA EAT IT EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!'

Within the next couple of days we stopped at the Blue Inn [side note: that's what we called my grandparent's house] and when asked how school was you went through the entire excitement of Ants on a Log along with the announcement that you were gonna eat them every day for the rest of your life. My Dad made some comment about how maybe you could try them with his peanuts and you looked aghast, and said, 'Pepere - PEANUTS can't be ants, only RAISINS can be ants.'

As usual no one fought with your logic."

Somethings never change, do they? Anyway...

Happy National Raisin Day!