April 19, 2013

National Rice Ball Day

“Luck is like having a rice dumpling fly into your mouth.” - Japanese Proverb

It's National Rice Ball Day!

Yay - a food holiday with options! Today you can either celebrate with:

1. Arancini - fried balls of rice that are traditionally stuffed with meat, tomato sauce, cheese, or veggies that were first created in Sicily, Italy. They were named because of their visual similarity to oranges (the Italian word "arancia" translates to "orange").

2. Onigiri - white rice that's wrapped in seaweed and filled with something salty (like pickled plum, salted salmon, roe, etc.); popular in Japan.

3. Zongzi - (also known as "rice dumplings") glutinous rice that's steamed or boiled, stuffed with fillings, and in China traditionally wrapped with bamboo leaves.

(And those are just a few options!)

I decided to make my own version of arancini. I'll be totally honest - while they were delicious, the rice (prior to being coated and fried) came out really wet. Again - this was my first time making them. I'm not sure if I: a) should have scaled back the amount of stock I used; b) let it cool in the fridge overnight as opposed to just twenty minutes; or, c) could have used just regular rice and made it without the onion, cloves, or olive oil (as if I was making fried rice). It was still a very...

Happy National Rice Ball Day!