May 3, 2013

National Chocolate Custard Day

“You eat, in dreams, the custard of the day.” - Alexander Pope

It's National Chocolate Custard Day!

Last year I attempted to make my own vanilla custard for National Vanilla Custard Day and it was kind of an expensive disaster. Not only did the custard not thicken or taste nice, that was the food holiday I learned jars of vanilla beans are $11... ouch.

Custards were created, most likely, during the Middle Ages. In the early twentieth century the instant stuff became super popular among Amur-KAH'n families.

I decided to forgo creating my own recipe for today and found one on the internet instead. I had all of the ingredients already on hand, and the step-by-step directions seemed basic enough. Unfortunately, the custard didn't come out and, honestly, I'm not quite sure why. I followed the recipe verbatim, but when I went to dish some out today I noticed that it didn't set (as evident by the picture above). In my opinion, it also didn't taste quite right either. There was something underwhelming about it. Perhaps it's me - maybe I'm doomed to have bad luck making vegan custards from scratch forever.

Thank you, Lord, that this food holiday only comes around once a year...

... or does it (come back in forty-eight hours to see why)?

Happy National Chocolate Custard Day!