May 5, 2013

National Chocolate Custard Day

"God's always got a custard pie up his sleeve." - Margaret Forster

It's National Chocolate Custard Day!

Wait... again? Didn't we just have one like, lit'rlly, 48 hours ago? Yes, but there's some serious debate in the food holiday world as to whether the day is celebrated on May 3rd or May 5th. You know how we do it here at Almanac of Eats - if you can't beat 'em... eat 'em! Well, don't "eat them", that's just weird and gross sounding. What I meant was: why debate when you can just celebrate? There - that rhyme worked out better!

For today's celebration, I found a recipe for vegan chocolate custard. I don't get the opportunity to use my ice cream maker as much as I'd like to, so I was definitely excited to put it to use today to churn out - what ended up being - a seriously luscious dessert. The frozen chocolate custard was rich, dense, and incredibly flavorful. I'm always hesitant to use coconut milk in things, because I feel it has the tendency to overpower. It did no such thing here; instead it helped to accent the chocolate, agave, and almond butter tastes. I topped mine with some fresh raspberries and sat on my deck to indulge. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter way to start the month.

Happy National Chocolate Custard Day!