May 8, 2013

National Have a Coke Day

“Americans wanted to settle all our difficulties with Russia and then go to the movies and drink Coke.” - W. Averell Harriman

It's National Have a Coke Day!

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Coke was created by a pharmacist-inventor named Dr. John Pemberton in the nineteenth century. The original recipe contained actual cocaine and was marketed as a health tonic. It's believed that the first Coke was sold on May 8th, 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia at Jacob's Pharmacy which explains the origin of today's food holiday!

I grew up in a Coke home (Pepsi products were not allowed). There was always a two liter of the red labeled drink in our refrigerator. When I got to high school I switched over to Diet Coke and had a serious love affair with the stuff for years. Truthfully, I never went anywhere without a can or bottle of it. One winter I accidentally left part of a six-pack in my car overnight (I used to always have soda and leftover pizza in my car for snack emergencies). The next morning there was Diet Coke slush all over the inside of my Volvo as the cans had frozen, then exploded as they began to defrost.

As I started eating with more of a focus on everything all-natural, my Diet Coke habit concerned me. The ingredients are comprised of things I can barely pronounce, several of which have been linked to some pretty horrible health issues. Then one day I stumbled across ginger-root beer by a company called Zevia - it was an all-natural, contained no sugar, and no artificial gunk. Interested, but skeptical (soda's always associated with junk food - how could an "all natural" version satiate my jaded sweet tooth?), I bought some "just to see". But it ended up being love at first sip! It was bubbly, flavorful, didn't feel like I was drinking liquid sugar, and didn't leave me wanting for anything else. Unfortunately, the older I've gotten the more I've needed to tone back my caffeine in-take later in the day (I knew this day would come, because it happened to both my mom and her dad). Thankfully, Zevia makes a caffeine-free cola. They call it the "the laid back sister." It's exactly what I crave from a cola without being concerned that I'll be up all night. So that's how I'm rocking my National Have a "Coke" Day!

I'm thrilled that Zevia continue to show love and support to Almanac of Eats. I highly encourage you not only to check out their Facebook or Twitter, but to grab a six-pack the next time you're shopping (not only are they at Whole Foods, but my local grocer carries them too!). They have a great selection of flavors including cherry cola, cream soda, grapefruit citrus, and orange just to name a few.

Happy National Have a Coke Day!

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