May 11, 2013

National Mocha Torte Day

"Her lips are devil red, And her skin's the color of mocha. She will wear you out. Livin' la vida loca." - Ricky Martin

It's National Mocha Torte Day!

Oh, little mocha torte, how delicious you are! All chocolate-y and creamy like. But what makes you so special?

Well, as we learned on National Coconut Torte Day, a cake and a torte are basically the same thing though there are some differences. A torte, German for "cake", is generally richer, denser, multi-layered, may or may not contain flour (some use ground nuts instead), and are filled with anything from jams to mousses to creams. One of the oldest known cakes in the world is a "Linzer Torte" which comes from Linz, Austria. It's a pastry made with distinct ingredients like ground nus, lemon zest, red or black current jams, and it's covered by a lattice crust.

And now you're all the wiser, foodies!

Happy National Mocha Torte Day!